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Helping rehabilitation efforts in badly affected barangays:

  1. Barangays Lubang and Sinalantan in Calbiga, Western Samar
  2. Barangays Serum, Loog Pilit and Mabini in Basey, Western Samar
  3. Barangays Tag-alag and Legaspi in Marabut, Western Samar
  4. Barangays Huknan and Barangay 7 in Giporlos in Eastern Samar

You can help out in the project through:

Sponsoring Agricultural Livelihood Assistance Packages

Provision of Rice and Vegetable Seeds –Squash, Radish, Mongo, Bitter Gourd, Pechay, Kangkong and Mustasa

– One family can start farm work with P1,550

Animal and Farm Tools Dispersal Program

– P39,000 enables a family cluster (5 families) to get much needed tools and animals.A Carabao cost P35,000 and farm tools (sickles, shovels, bolos, axes, rake hoe) cost P4,000

Shelter construction assistance

– Kitchen wares (cooking pots, pales, basin, ladles etc): P800/family

– Carpentry tools: P1,000/family cluster

– Construction materials (iron sheet, nails, lumber, plywood,etc): P25,000/family

"Balik-Pangingisda" Program

– For coastal communities

– Cluster family collectively manages use and maintenance of banca.

– One motorize banca with fishing paraphernalia: P60,000.00

Conduct Basic Health Skills Training

– Train community members as future health workers.

– Help contribute for cost of training–help as resource persons or trainers


Volunteers may opt to help in the gathering of resources, repacking and preparation of family packs and distribution of the packs in the affected areas. Volunteer allied health professionals and student may also volunteer for the SOS medical missions.


Donations, whether in-kind or as cash, will help with operations. Relief drive operations and Medical missions in the affected areas are made possible by donations from individuals and groups around the world. Help make a difference. Donate to SOS.