SOS Special Gathering and Photo Exhibit recognized support of donors and volunteers for Typhoon Yolanda response

In a Special Gathering and Photo Exhibit on April 4, 2014, Samahang Operasyong Sagip gathered together the more than 100 volunteers and donors who  actively supported the relief, medical and psycho-social missions conducted in 84 barangays in the 23 towns of Eastern Visayas to hep more than 13,139 families and 8, 892 patients.

The Special Gathering served as an important occasion for Ms. Marissa Cabaljao of the People’s Surge Alliance to share on the situation of Eastern Visayas after the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda and for the SOS President, Rosalinda Tablang  to present the relief and medical assistance efforts to help the affected communities and families in Eastern Visayas.  A video of the various relief and medical missions conducted by SOS in the Typhoon-Yolanda affected communities was shown during the program.

Highlight of the Special Gathering is the  presentation of certificates of appreciation to all the volunteers and donors who have offered resources, finance; their knowledge, skills, time and energy to help and give hope to those whose lives were shattered by Typhoon Yolanda.

Among those present in the Special Gathering include Sr. Pat Fox of the Sisters of Sion Notre Dame, Hans Schaap of the Third World Health Aid, Dr. Ed Clemente of the Capito Medical Center, Sr. Edita Eslopor of the Council for Health and Development, Dr. Alexis Montes, Dr. Edelina dela Paz of the People’s Health Movement-South East Asia among many others.

The SOS volunteers and donors who attended the Special Gathering and Photo Exhibit shared that the experience they have during the series of relief and medical missions are very meaningful and worthwhile.  They shared that they were able to see first hand the difficult situation of the Typhoon Yolanda-affected population and were very glad that they have somehow able to support them and give hope however little.

About SOS Philippines

The Samahang Operasyong Sagip (S.O.S) is a network of volunteer health workers, professionals, and students, aiming to render assistance to disaster victims through relief and medical missions.

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